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At least 50% of scholarships need to go to students attending CES schools:

  • BYU
  • BYU - Idaho
  • BYU - Hawaii
  • BYU - Pathway
  • Ensign College

Up to 50% of scholarships may go to students attending non-CES schools

  • Scholarship Procedures

    Please follow these steps to award your scholarships (click here for instructions).

  • Testimonials

    “A huge part of making all this possible is getting this scholarship. In my family, we believe both in paying your way through college and in not accumulating student debt. This money will allow me not only to achieve my dreams of a degree but also do so while being able to pay for it. My gratitude for this chance is hard to put into words.”

    “With your financial support, I will be able to devote more time to my studies and worry less about paying for textbooks, housing costs, etc. I am very excited to continue my educational career. Thank you again for all your time, support, and generosity. I will work very hard and hope to give back and greatly serve those that I will meet in the future!”

    “With your scholarship, I will be able to spend more time focusing on my studies and less on earning money to be able to stay in housing and buy food. With your assistance, I will be able to more freely embrace the college life, without worrying about the expensive costs of on campus housing.”

    “I plan on and look forward to using the gifts and opportunities God has given me to serve others in my community and across the world. I truly and deeply appreciate your help. I thank you for your generosity and kindness; you have made the burden of tuition lighter and the possibly for a great education more manageable. Where much is given, much is required, and I understand my duty to give back as I have received.”

    “I am extremely grateful to receive this scholarship. This will allow me to spend more time to focus on my schoolwork and internships.”

    “The financial freedom this provides will allow me to contribute more fully to the community I am a part of upon my graduation. Thanks for encouraging ethical leadership by everything you do, including this investment in me.”

    “One thing I have learned is that often life does not go the way we plan or think that it ought to, but as you dedicate yourself to service the right outcome will be there for you. Again thank you so much. I look forward to having the opportunity in the future to provide this to others.”

    “Receiving scholarships has lifted mountainous burdens off my shoulders. They allow me to worry more about my school work rather than if I have enough money or not. It permits me to more successfully work towards my personal and educational goals. And most of all, it gives me a desire to give back in the future so other students can feel the same relief.”

    “This means the world to me and my family, and I will be forever grateful for the generosity of those who made it possible! I know that I am not alone in saying that this scholarship is a wonderful tender mercy, and I promise to use my education to ‘go forth and serve.’ I look forward to giving back similarly in the future.”