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Chapter of Excellence

  • Chapter of Excellence Requirements

    The period of time to complete the requirements is January 1st through December 31st of each year.

    Additional Gold Chapter of Excellence requirements listed in bold and italics below

    1. Have an executive committee of at least 3 members and hold regular meetings
      Gold: Have an annual strategic planning meeting where your chapter leaders meet to plan your event calendar for the next 12 months
      1. Chapter President (required) 
      2. Chapter President-elect
      3. VP of Chapter Communications
      4. Treasurer/Secretary
    2. Hold 4 events in any of the categories below:
      Gold: Hold at least 6 events in any of the categories below:
      1. Moral and Ethical Leadership Focus
        An event with the focus of moral and ethical leadership. This could include a speaker with industry expertise or a service project promoting the values of ethical leadership.
        Ex. SLC Moral and Ethical Leadership Conference or Ivory Coast hospital service project
      2. Professional Networking/Career Advancement for BYUMS Members
        An event focused on the development of the members of your chapter by allowing them opportunities to professionally network or by giving training for career advancement.
        Ex. Boston’s monthly speaker series or Seattle’s Amazon lunches
      3. Mentor Students and/or Young Professionals
        An event or initiative focused on mentoring current or future college students. This also includes young professionals in your chapter.
        Ex. Colorado Springs’ mentoring initiatives; Dallas’ Welcome to Dallas Y’all
      4. Student Scholarships
        An event designed to raise or award scholarship monies or to highlight recipients. This could include annual galas or banquets or smaller luncheons and campaigns designed to raise funds.
        Ex. Washington D.C.’s Annual Gala or Prescott’s Annual Fun Run
    3. Keep your member list updated on your chapter website
      1. To learn how to do this, read this help article
    4. Keep your chapter leaders list updated on your chapter website under “team”
      1. To learn how to do this, read this help article
    5. Report regularly to your Regional Director
    6. Submit annual financial reports
      1. Download and fill out report here. Send to
  • Chapter of Excellence Application

    The application will officially open on January 1st of each year and will be due by February 15th of each year. Keep in mind that when you are filling out the application, it is for the requirements you completed the previous year from January 1st through December 31st.

    Find the application here